You are a Asshole & I Need Your Help


Me Smiling.jpg

I know what you are probably thinking:

“Fuck you” “your wordpress is a suckfest” “who are you”

You would be right to think any of these things.
So let me back up and restate what I’m trying to do:

Around November my health took a turn for the worst and I have basically been bedridden/in agonizing pain/up to my eyeballs in strange medications ever since.
I thought ‘how can I contribute to my local and regional music scene, if I can’t personally go book shows and perform?’

My answer was actually a few things:

1. Learn how to market things on social media
Social media’d the fuck out of things, got signed in Europe and published for free on like 40 different online stores and streaming services.

2.Start A Record Label
which you can visit here signed 2 bands and already have more releases on the way.

3.Start writing for the Metal PR/Blog/Zine-O-sphere
You can catch my writing at

4.Start this fucking wordpress directory
we get almost 200 views a day without a premium account or using SEO or google Adwords.

200 views a day is almost a joke in the grand scheme of things, but is there not some benefit to your business getting 200 more visitors a day?
Your blog not getting 200 more visitors?
Potential customers of whatever service it is that you have?

If I purposefully lead 200 people a day away from you, I bet you would want to break my nose though.

All I am saying is basically this; help me build this shit.
I know you know at least one person who can benefit from what I’m doing here. Send me their info and I will put them on here.

Artists, painters, designers, labels, sticker makers (?)

If someone worked hard for you, pay that shit forward.




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