me-practice-1-of-1My name is Chris and welcome to Noisegod.

Let’s start with just a little background on who I am and why I want to help you:

The underground music world is unfortunately marred by “Scene Politicians“, as I like to call them. They don’t give back to their scene, they don’t help other artists unless it is to their own benefit, they manipulate others into this weird headspace of which the scene politicians priorities become somehow installed on the people around them. It really chokes up and coming artists out of any momentum. Fuck these people. 

What I aim to do with Noisegods, with your help; is build an online directory of Producers, Engineers, Promoters, Booking Agents, Silk Screeners, Labels, Publicists, Session Musicians and whoever else exists in the world of underground that is willing to participate.

I recently launched my own label: Skeleton Sun Records Imprint as a sort of umbrella for which I conduct all of my business from Distributing albums to Silk Screening merchandise. It took me 4 years of playing shows and touring to meet enough people to finally launch.
That feels way too long to get everything set up and functioning (or ready to function rather) and have decided that the best way for me to give back to the underground scene is to invite you to help me build a directory of people that genuinely do this for the passion and love of the game, without the fucking politics.

Here’s what we do next:
Email me at skeletonsunrecords@gmail.com
Tell me what it is you do, with links to your work and any other applicable infos.

For example: Chris Sorelle- I am the Sole Proprietor of  Skeleton Sun Records Imprint and play Guitar for Sundrainer .
We offer Silk Screening, Photography and Videography and Distro records especially Hardcore, Punk, Grind and Metal from Europe and South East Asia.

–Links to music or relevant pages–

–Contact Info–

This will be the basic format, updated weekly or as I get permission.

I hope whatever this site ends up being can help you and your art reach people who will appreciate it. In turn, you should do the same.

Do you know someone who does great work? Fucking email that shit and I will put it up.

Comment any ideas you have to get this to reach the most people, or talk shit and be somebody.


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